ASP .Net Online Training

ASP .Net Online Training

One of the top suppliers of online IT training in the Hyderabad is Monstertrainings. We provide a wide range of online training programmes and courses to assist recent graduates and working professionals in achieving their professional objectives and taking advantage of our top-notch support.

The C#.NET/VB.NET, ADO.NET abilities experienced developers need to successfully create database-driven Web applications and Web sites are taught in this ASP.NET training course. It will provide instructions on how to create web-based business apps using Visual Studio and ASP.NET. Additionally, it will comfort those in attendance who are using the.Net framework to create Web services for SOAs.

The ASP .NET Training Certification will Give You Studying and Practical expertise in:

  • Introduction to web technologies
  • Web Forms Architecture
  • ASP.Net and HTTP
  • Web application developing using Visual Studio
  • State Management and Web Applications
  • ASP.Net Server-side controls
  • Caching in ASP.Net
  • ASP.Net application configuration
  • Debugging, Diagnostics of application
  • Connectivity with Database using ADO.Net/Entity Framework
  • Data Access Controls
  • Personalization and Security
  • Introduction to Web Services
  • Introduction to WCF


The above Strategy and Deploy are considered to be the most Important ASP .NET Infrastructure According to Computational content and safety requirements. Our ASP .NET training Certification Access to a repository of sample interview questions on each topic, and many Missions, simulation of tests. Real-time industry-oriented projects in Competitive prices with Library, 24/7 Support, Placement Guidance and Resume preparation assistance too.

familiarity in object-oriented or object-based development in Java, C#, VB, or another contemporary object-oriented or object-based language, at the very least consistently. Furthermore, one should be familiar with relational databases and SQL fundamentals.

ASP .Net Online Training Projects

The practical projects that you will work on during this certification training include

Market Analysis

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  • Intro to .NET
  • Drawbacks  of  Current  Trend
  • .NET  Framework
  • Key Design Goals
  • CLR, CTS, MSIL, & Other Tools
  • Multiple  Language  Interaction  &  Support
  • Moving from Project to Assemblies…
  • Security Services   and   environment
  • Vista & IIS 6.0/7.0 & their requirements
  • Installing  &  Configuring  VS.NET/.NET  2.0/3.0/3.5
  • AJAX(ATLAS)  importance  in  Web  applications
  • The need for AJAX & the Solution
  • Shifting from ASP to ASP.Net, to web 2.0 (new)
  • ASP.Net as Framework, Namespaces
  • ASP.Net – New Scenario in development process with IDE – VS.NET
  • Web Pages to Web Forms, HTML – ASP.NET, State management- an Important Objective
  • Understanding the ASP.NET Execution Scenario
  • C#.Net role in ASP.NET Development
  • ASP.NET/C#.Net – the Industry approach
  • HTML, HTML Controls, ASP.NET Controls
  • Client-side & Server-side Controls
  • Consuming HTML Client/Server Controls in WebForms
  • Consuming ASP.Net Controls in WebForms
  • Understanding the Rendering Nature of Controls Developing a Simple Startup Application
  • Introducing Web Forms, Worker process
  • Working  with  Server  Controls
  • Applying Styles to Controls, Themes, Skins etc
  • XML, XML to HTML, XML & Databases
  • XML Schema Definition Tool
  • Overview of ADO.NET/ XML Support in .NET
  • Connect/Insert/Update/Delete,Query data -using ADO.NET
  • Retrieve data with datasets
  • Data Adapters, Understanding Data tables
  • Build Data table programmatically
  • Filter and sort Data table, Data Relations
  • Parameters  with  Command  Object
  • Stored  Procedures  with  ADO.NET  using  –output  parameters
  • Develop  a  Registration  form  using  ADO
  • Introduction to Microsoft  AJAX.(Code  name  ATLAS)
  • XML Http object
  • Programming  with  XML  HTTP  Object
  • Advantages and Disadvantages of AJAX.
  • Features of AJAX.
  • MS Implementation of AJAX
  • Error Handling & .NET Runtime
  • Avoid Errors before they occur
  • Structured Error Handling
  • Catching  General  Exceptions
  • Catching Specific Exceptions
  • Throwing  Exceptions
  • Custom  Exceptions
  • Page  Level  Error  Handling
  • Application  Level  Error  Handling
  • Web Application configuration-Advantages.
  • New Configuration Model, ASP.NET Confn Tool
  • Web Application Machine Configuration
  • Global Assembly Cache, Strong Names VS2005.
  • Working with Assembly Info
  • Web.Config,  Machine.Config
  • Process Model –System Configuration.
  • About Session & Application object
  • Comparison between Session & Application
  • Using the Global.asax file
  • Managing  Application  State
  • Http  Handlers
  • Application & Session Variables
  • Application & Session Events