Salesforce Admin Online Training

What is Salesforce Admin Online Training?

The best customer relationship management (CRM) tool is Salesforce. Without any IT setup or management, Salesforce can handle cloud-based applications for sales, service, and marketing. This platform enables businesses to effectively manage every customer interaction necessary for company growth.The Salesforce platform’s Saleforce administration module develops tools, dashboards, workflows, and applications for numerous significant initiatives. Online Salesforce admin training will teach students how to master and develop the fundamentals of Salesforce administration.


Salesforce - Monster Trainings
Salesforce - Monster Trainings

Who Can Learn?

For those who want to become experts in cloud computing, cloud software, cloud automation, etc., the Salesforce Admin course was expertly designed and developed. A part of Salesforce Training that will assist students with administration choices is Salesforce Admin Online Training. This training is intended for those who want to begin working with Salesforce as a profession and obtain a Salesforce admin certification (SFDC Admin 201 certification). This training is available to experienced professionals using the Cloud Leading Platform as well as to functional consultants switching to Salesforce.


100% Job Support
100% Practical Training
Live Project Experience


  • Creating Users, Bulk Users, Import Users
  • Creating Security Profiles
  • Creating Roles- Organization Chart – Territory, Product, Size Based & Mixed
  • Creating Groups- Public & Private
  • Queues
  • Permission Sets
  • Org. Base Time, Language, Currency
  • Login and Network
  • Fiscal Year Management
  • Holidays, Business Hours
  • Territory Creation
  • Territory Chart, Rules, Assignments
  • Inherited Rules
  • Profile based Security
  • Permission Sets
  • Field Security
  • OWD(Organization wide Defaults), Sharing Rules
  • Password Policy, Login Policy, Network, Activation
  • Session Management
  • Delegated Administration
  • Single sign on settings, Remote Site Settings
  • File and Document Upload security
  • Domain Management
  • Leatherhead’s, Com Email Templates, Mail Merge Templates
  • Translation Settings
  • Labels Import and Exports
  • Email Compliance and settings ,Email BCC, Email to Salesforce
  • Org Wide email
  • Emails Signatures, Footers, Attachment
  • Salesforce 1 – Branding, Settings
  • Salesforce Classic- Access, Profile, Data, Users, Device, Views.
  • Mobile Access Profile and Mobile Security(Android, IOS, Windows)
  • Mobile Data Access Management – Custom and System Objects, Condition, Size Limit, Filters, Mobile Session Management
  • Mobile Device Access and Bindings
  • Sales Force Offline Briefcase Profile – Data Security, Access, Limits, Conditions, Filters
  • Sales Force Desktop Outlook Management – Sync Settings, Mappings, Data, HTTPS Etc.
  • Developing Custom Reports – Tabular, Summary, Matrix, Joined and Complex
  • Graphs, Charts & Labels
  • Report Filters & Conditions (Simple & Complex), Groupings
  • Dashboard Development
  • Data Extraction and Export
  • Report Scheduling (Auto Email)
  • Global Actions Event/Actions Builder
  • Process Builder
  • Schema Builder
  • Flows(Interviews) Building
  • Intro To Lightening App Builder
  • Intro To Canvas App Builder
  • Updates and Installation Packages
  • App Exchange and Market Place
  • Workflow Setup, Rules, Conditions
  • Setup Work Flow Task, Alerts, Updates
  • Time Bound Workflows, Conditional Workflows, Child Workflows
  • Approval Process- Multi Level, Lock, Read-only, Edit, Branch Approval Process
  • Approval Process Filters, Conditions, Proxy
  • Importing with Import Wizard
  • Data Validation Rules ,Data Mapping
  • APEX Data Loader – Insert, Update Insert, Delete, Export, Export All
  • Exporting Overview with custom Filter, Conditions and Formulas
  • Export Scheduling
  • Mass Delete – Conditional Deletes
  • Mass Transfer, Condition, Filters, Approval Transfers
  • Import custom object records using the Data Loader
  • Use mass delete ,Use storage
  • Organization Data ,Debug logs and Email Logs
  • Login History ,View Setup Audit Trail
  • Queue ,Outbound messages
  • Schedule Jobs , Apex Jobs ,Bulk Data Load Jobs