Business Analyst Training

Business Analyst Training

One of the top suppliers of online IT training in the Hyderabad is Monstertrainings. We provide a wide range of online training programmes and courses to assist recent graduates and working professionals in achieving their professional objectives and taking advantage of our top-notch support.

Business Analysis is a brand-new training module available on MonsterTrainings. Business evaluation Finding answers to business challenges and understanding business needs are both topics covered in training. The business analyst is the individual in charge of this task in an organisation. Determine a solution for system development, organisational strategic planning, policy reform, and process improvement. He contributes by examining the goals, procedures, and resources of the company and offering suggestions on how they could be improved. You could say that a business analyst serves as a liaison between a company's technology department and other departments. Business analysts can acquire the fundamental, practical business skills necessary to schedule business analysis tasks throughout the course of a project.

The Business Analyst Training Certification will Give You Studying and Practical expertise in:

  • Understand the Business Analysis Key Concepts
  • Understand the Business Analysis Core Concept Model
  • Guide practices related to the business analysis tasks
  • Understand the business analysis tools and techniques
  • Identifying business change requirement


The above Strategy and Deploy are considered to be the most Important Business Analyst Infrastructure According to Computational content and safety requirements. Our Business Analyst training Certification Access to a repository of sample interview questions on each topic, and many Missions, simulation of tests. Real-time industry-oriented projects in Competitive prices with Library, 24/7 Support, Placement Guidance and Resume preparation assistance too.

  • A strong desire to learn Business Analysis
  • Some business strategy knowledge is an added advantage
  • No technical background required
Business analyst

Business Analyst Training Projects

The practical projects that you will work on during this certification training include

Market Analysis

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  • International Institute of Business Analyst (IIBA) and Role of a Business Analyst
  • Client Organization
  • IT Company Organization
  • Project Governance Structure
  • SDLC Models
    • Waterfall
    • V Model
    • Prototype Model
    • Iterative Model
    • Spiral Model
    • Agile Methodologies – Scrum
  • Enterprise Analysis
  • Requirements Planning and Management
  • Requirements Elicitation
  • Requirements Communication
  • Requirements Analysis and Documentation
  • Solution Assessment and Validation
  • Understand Team Roles and Stakeholder Analysis (RACI Matrix)
  • Identify Requirement Activities and Estimation Technique
  • Scope Management and Traceability Matrix
  • Change Management Process
  • Risk Management Process
  • Real Time Case Study to understand the above concepts
  • Interviews
  • Observation
  • Prototyping
  • Document Analysis
  • Focus Groups
  • Brainstorming
  • Interface Analysis
  • Workshops
  • Reverse Engineering
  • Surveys / Questionnaires
  • Real Time Case Study to understand the above concepts
  • Structured Analysis
    • Data Flow Diagrams & Flowcharts
    • ER Diagrams
  • Object Oriented Analysis
    • Introduction to Object Orientation Concepts
    • Advantages of OO over Structured Analysis
    • Introduction to UML
    • UML Diagrams relevant to a Business Analyst
      • Use Case Diagrams and Use Case Stories
      • Class & Object Diagrams
      • Sequence & Collaboration Diagrams
      • State Transition Diagrams
      • Activity Diagrams
    • Case Studies
  • Preparing Communication Plan
  • Defining Communication Requirements of Project
  • Conflict Management
  • Approvals & Signoffs
  • Role of Business Analyst in Testing
  • Stages of Testing
    • Unit Testing
    • Integration Testing
    • System Testing and
    • User Acceptance Testing
  • Testing Process
    • Test Strategy & Plan
    • Test Case Preparation
    • Test Execution
    • Defect Fixing
  • Testing Types
    • Functional Testing
    • UI Testing
    • Performance Testing
    • Access Control & Security Testing
    • Regression Testing
  • Testing Techniques
    • Black box Testing
    • White Box Testing
  • Test Metrics
  • Enterprise Analysis Process
  • Maintaining Business Architecture
    • Zachman Framework
    • POLDAT Framework