E-Commerce Web Development

Our in-depth 40-hour E-Commerce Web Development Course shows you how to build e-commerce websites using WordPress & WooCommerce. 31% of the world’s websites are powered by WordPress, the most effective Content Management System (CMS) and web development tool. WooCommerce is a plugin or tool that is compatible with WordPress that turns your company website into a fully functional online shop.

This course will not only teach you how to build a website, but will also walk you through every step of opening an online shop. We assist you in selecting the appropriate vendors for shipping, online payment handling, and other services by assisting you in comprehending their pricing structure, conditions of service, registration process, and associated legalities.

E-Commerce consultants and corporate trainers with a minimum of five years’ expertise or more teach the course. We will put you in touch with a few digital marketing companies, shipping and payment processing partners, packaging manufacturers, photographers, and graphic designers at the conclusion of the training.

ECommerce web development - Monster Trainings
ECommerce web development - Monster Trainings


  • Students Who are interested to become E-Commerce Developer.
  • Graphic Designers who want to jump into E-Commerce Development.
  • Store Owners, Digital Marketers, Professionals etc..


100% Job Support
100% Practical Training
Live Project Experience


  • WordPress Training
  • Setting up an ecommerce store
  • Creating a clean store design
  • Setting up a custom home page
  • Inventory management
  • Product Listing & management
  • Setting up product filters
  • Order management
  • Online payment processing
  • Setting up shipping
  • Email & SMS notification setup
  • Coupon management

  • User / Customer management

  • Setting up a point and rewards system
  • Setting up a wishlist system
  • Setting Up Taxes(GST)
  • Marketing & Analytics based features
  • Backup, Resore & Security
  • Domain & server management
  • Setting up a support email id
  • SSL Certificate Setup(https://)
  • E-Commerce Operations & Legal Procedure.
  • Case Studies
  • Store Setup & Design
  • Store Management
  • Online Payment Processing
  • Domain & Hosting Setup
  • Invoicing, Shipping & Packaging
  • Operations, Legalities & Client Servicing
  • Learn from E-Commerce Consultants
  • Includes WordPress Training