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Selenium Automation Testing’s Future as a Lucrative Career Option

Selenium Automation Testing's Future as a Lucrative Career Option


There is a growing demand for Selenium Web Testers trained in Selenium course in Hyderabad, specifically Selenium testing course in Hyderabad or elsewhere, as Selenium is unquestionably one of the best tools available for assisting developers with automation testing pertaining to web testing tools. Business Wire claims that Selenium is the most popular web testing technology, with a staggering 300% spike in job posts over the previous several years.

Regarding Selenium

On a variety of platforms and web browsers, online applications are validated using an open-source automated testing framework that does not require Selenium Automation Testing. Numerous computer languages, such as Ruby, NodeJS, PHP, Perl, Java, C#, and Python, among others, are used to create Selenium Test Scripts. Selenium has been so successful at supplying selenium web testers training in Selenium testing course in Hyderabad with a cornucopia of employment prospects and bevy of profitable career options that it has earned the title of being the most extensively used tools in recent years. Due to the regular hiring of competent people by reputable businesses or IT firms that specialise in testing websites and web-based applications, Selenium Automation Testing professionals are in great demand.

There are four parts or components to selenium:

  • A simple Chrome and Firefox extension called Selenium Integrated Development (IDE) is used in the Hyderabad Selenium testing course to create Selenium test cases.
  • The first automated online testing tool supported by Java, C#, PHP, Python, Perl, Ruby, and NodeJS is Selenium Remote Control (RC).
  • In order to manipulate browsers and carry out tests, Selenium WebDriver makes use of browser automation APIs made available by browser manufacturers.
  • Selenium Grid allows you to execute triggered test cases by a remote end while running tests concurrently in several operators on various platforms.

Future Salary for a Selenium Automation Tester

Senior Automation Engineers trained in the Selenium course in Hyderabad or other IT institutions or engineering colleges earn a respectable, handsome compensation that can reach $800 per year in India, or Rs. 6,51,96,000 in total. The average salary for Selenium Automation Test Engineers who complete a course in Selenium testing in Hyderabad is in the neighbourhood of $442,000, or Rs. 3,60,23,663 in Indian currency. The typical annual income for a Selenium Tester in the US is between US$21k and US$162k, according to Glassdoor.

Salary increases are made possible by gaining more experience and expertise in the aforementioned sectors. To do this, Selenium testers who have completed a course in Hyderabad on Selenium testing must stay current and refine their abilities in order to see a phenomenal rise in demand.

The cherry on top is that, according to, 2023 is predicted to be a prosperous year for software testing employment in India, with 27,453 new positions. Naukri estimates that there are about 5,297 Selenium job vacancies waiting to evaluate our abilities and hire us.

Roles and Responsibilities of Selenium Professionals Who Have Taken a Hyderabad-Based Selenium Course:

  • Their duties include writing, updating, and managing Selenium-based automated test scripts.
  • completing tasks like enhancing the current Selenium-developed automation framework.
    integrating Selenium scripts with Jenkins CloudBee.
  • keeping track of test results Cases for the automated test scripts.
  • developing an automation test strategy and approach.
  • Control the operation of automation.
  • keeping detailed test results records.
  • Create a review of test findings’ past trends.
  • recognising and recording the effects of software product changes on test script maintenance.

Skills necessary

  • programming languages with a flair, such as Python, Java, C#, etc.
  • network consciousness.
  • having knowledge of web apps.
  • One needs minimum viable skills (MVS) to be automated.
    software management.

Results of the Hyderabad Selenium Testing Course for Selenium Professionals:

  • Establish the Selenium-based computerization testing technique.
  • generating test contents and test design.
  • maintaining current test/relapse suite contents.
    attending Agile meetings for the assigned projects.
  • the practise of relapse suites.
  • giving engineers/manual, analysts/project directors, and partners responses.
  • assessing new hardware/APIs.

Prospects for a Career in Selenium Automation Testing:

  • Developing new test scripts, maintaining existing test scripts, attending meetings on assigned projects, running regression suites, and providing results to project managers and stakeholders are all tasks performed by selenium testers who have completed a selenium course in Hyderabad. The average salary for these professionals is INR 7 lakhs annually.
  • Automation engineers make an average pay of INR 4.8 lakhs annually and have the technical aptitude to test software to verify and compare output with output expected or assumed.
  • In addition to testing mobile devices and web applications to ensure that customers receive high-quality products, Mobile Testing Leads are also tasked with other duties such as testing software, updating operating software, and reporting software issues.
  • The average salary for these positions is INR 2.5.
  • To write scripts, create automated tests to limit the functionality of web and mobile applications, install protocols, deliver efficient test automation solutions, expand and carry out inspection activities, find and fix issues, and deliver products, senior QA automation engineers are hired. They are paid an average of INR 6.4 lakhs annually.
  • Software Development Test Engineers who have completed a Selenium course in Hyderabad are in charge of reading scripts and documents, developing automation frameworks that other SDETs may use to create tests, and earning an average income of INR 4.2 lakhs annually. The position of the SDET Developer is expanding as a result of the development of Agile, DevOps, and Continuous Testing.

The best selenium credentials for a career are:

Professional Selenium certificates given at a Hyderabad Selenium school help you to show off your knowledge and boost your earning potential. Advanced and entry-level certifications include, among others:

  • Certified Selenium Experts
  • Certified Java Selenium Automation Tester
  • Certified Python Selenium Automation Tester
  • Certified PHP Selenium Automation Tester
  • Certified C# Selenium Automation Tester
  • Certified JavaScript
    There are several certification bodies made up of Certified Selenium Professionals, including:
  • Monster Trainings
  • Udemy
  • Edureka
  • Simplilearn
  • Coursera
  • Vskills

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